Welcome to Tiny Appliances — A curated list of highly-rated appliances proven to work well in tiny houses

What is Tiny Appliances?

The Beginning

Tiny (house) Appliances was created by Alek Lisefski of The Tiny Project.

After undertaking massive amounts of research to design and build his own tiny house in 2013, Alek has since shared his experience across the US as a speaker at many national tiny house conferences and regional workshops.

People often have difficulty finding the right appliances for use in their tiny house. This website was created as a curated list of tiny house specific products, making it far easier to search for and find appliances proven to work well in smaller sized homes.

About Alek

Alek Lisefski is an advocate for alternative, small-scale living. He believes a tiny house goes far beyond its four walls and a roof and is only part of a conscious personal choice to live in a more simple and sustainable way. Alek hopes to help to catalyze a mass lifestyle shift in which society turns to common sense, human-scale housing solutions, and a psychological (or even spiritual) shift from consumption and achievement-chasing to more gratitude, freedom and peace.


Products listed on this website contain Amazon.com affiliate links whereby The Tiny Project earns a small percentage of any sale made through these links.