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Air Head Composting Toilet


  • Higher capacity means more flexibility in emptying
  • With no moving parts, fewer breakdowns
  • Superior odor control
  • Unique diversion system allows emptying of liquids without opening the solids tank
  • Compact, rounded design fits tighter spaces

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“Air Head” is the only diversion system that allows emptying of the urine bottle without opening the solids tank.

In 2001 we pioneered use of diversion technology for small living spaces. “Air Head” is the first fully self contained diversion composting system ever developed. Since that time our legacy is thousands of installations in at least five continents.

Early on we focused on the most demanding application: marine. More recently our units can be found in anything from off the grid housing to RV’s. We are particularly proud that our vision has become the choice problem solver for many people who want to live with less environmental impact in tiny houses.

We feel that our years of experience and commitment set us beyond those companies who have chosen to mimic our technology. That said, there are may differences that make our design more desirable. These may not be immediately apparent, but our comparison is completely transparent for those who are inclined to analize objectively.

Since the “Air Head” Composting Toilet is more like a standard home toilet than any other composting toilet, a minimal amount of “potty training” for guests will be necessary. Minor details such as a real toilet seat and lid, “flush lever” location and toilet size, designed to mimic household toilets all contribute to maintaining familiar personal tradition. The ultra-efficient Air Head Composting Toilet does not require users to climb up stairs for use. Whereas non-diverting composting toilets have to be built large because they are inefficient, requiring extra bulking material to absorb excess liquid. Air Head Composting Toilet is small, yet effective. The Air Head Composting Toilet is a little smaller than the size of a standard home toilet. The ultra-efficient composting chamber handles all of the the waste directly beneath the toilet seat. The unit will fit in existing toilet space eliminating the need for remodeling. It will also fit in closets, basements, workshops… anywhere.

Air Head Composting Toilet uses a thick, rugged, non-permeable solids tank to maximize space savings. With the purchase of extra solids tanks, the system becomes modular, and its capacity significantly increased.

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