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Laveo Chemical Free Odorless Portable Electric Waterless Toilet

Laveo™ by Dry Flush, with its patented process, doesn’t use chemicals or water. It is 100% odorless. It can go anywhere! The disposal system takes less than a minute to replace – never be concerned with using your portable toilet again! The Easiest Toilet To Clean Ever!


  • No water, no chemicals, and no odor!
  • Extremely portable weighing in at only 26 pounds
  • Refill changes are simple with double bagging technology

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Comfortable and Discrete

  • Full-size, normal toilet seat & height
  • No waste to see or smell


  • Only one moving part


  • Up to seventeen uses per refill
  • Refill cartridges take less than a minute to change

Simplest Maintenance in the Industry

  • Change out the refill and you’re done! No black water to dump or chemicals to pour.

No water, No Chemicals

  • No freezing
  • No chemicals to store
  • Spill Proof

No odor

  • Proprietary technology contains odor and encapsulates waste


  • Take it anywhere, install it anywhere or just set it down

Comes installed with fully charged battery pack & charger cable. Requires 12 volts dc. Optional AC Adapter available.

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