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SMETA Electric 110V/Propane Absorption Refrigerator with Freezer,6.1 Cu,ft,White

This well-reviewed, AC/propane fridge/freezer would be great for a tiny house!


  • Refrigerator with Freezer – Two compartments, one is a fridge (4.5 cu ft), and another is a freezer (1.6 cu ft) 32-50℉for the fridge compartment, 3.2℉for the freezer compartment
  • 110V/LPG Power Connection – This item could be powered by 110V or propane gas, which is also suitable for someplace where the electricity is insufficient. And it is easy to operation with flame Indicator and electric/gas thermostat
  • High-Efficiency – This item adopts absorption cooling system without compressor, which is high efficient, quiet and environmental-friendly. And its life is longer
  • Storage – This item can meet your various storage needs with one large crisper drawer and removable shelves allow tall items storage
  • Approximate gas consumption per day: 1.2 lb

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