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Vornado VMH300 Whole Room Metal Heater with 2 Heat Settings and Adjustable Thermostat

This super-stylish Vornado model heats a large space for it’s size and looks great while doing it!


  • Vortex Action fully circulates warm, gentle air evenly throughout the whole room
  • Powder-coated steel construction with all-metal control dials and integrated handle
  • 2 heat settings (750W / 1500W) and adjustable thermostat
  • Advanced safety through cool-touch steel case, 2-stage auto shutoff and tipover protection
  • Dust-reducing inlet grill, cord storage compartment, and 5-year satisfaction guarantee
  • Built to meet U.S. voltage requirements. Certified, safety-tested, and warrantied for use only in the U.S.

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VMH300 Whole Room Metal Heater

The foundation of Vornado’s family of steel heaters, the VMH300 delivers the epitome of comfort and efficiency while complementing your style. With a cool-touch, powder-coated metal case, dials that feel great in your hands, discreet cord storage and our signature Whole Room Vortex Heat Circulation, it not only elevates the look and feel of the typical home heater, it does its job remarkably well. A metal inlet grill that keeps dust (and fingers) at bay, plus other safety features, ensures cozy comfort with peace of mind, along with a 5-year satisfaction guarantee.

All-metal Control Dials

Control the VMH300’s 2 heat settings and adjustable thermostat through the use of its all-metal control dials.

Convenient Carrying Handle

The VMH300 comes equipped with a conveniently-located integrated handle to provide easy portability.

Discreet Cord Storage

Safely store excess cord in the tray on back of the heater. A metal inlet grill also keeps dust (and fingers) at bay.

5 Year Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our metal heaters with an industry-leading 5-year warranty. We expect this product to be perfect. If it’s not, we will make it right guaranteed.

Heat all the air in the room.

A Vornado heater uses special airflow called Vortex Action to heat all the air in the room. The air flows fast, warm and gentle to create a heating experience unlike any other.

Comfort and efficiency with style.

Powder-coated steel construction brings elevated form and function to any room.

Cozy comfort with peace of mind

The VMH300 employs advanced safety features to provide worry-free use. The cabinet remains cool to the touch, even after hours of extended operation. And it automatically shuts off if excess heat is detected or if the unit is tipped over.

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